The first step in developing your aircraft scheme is rendering a wireframe image based on factory drawings. The wireframe image allows us to get a feel for the lines and shapes of the airframe.

Step 2: Shading

Next we will shade your aircraft so it reflects how light will fall on it in a natural environment. The aircraft gets a coat of “primer” just as it would at the paint shop. 


Step 3: SCHEME

Now, after learning the lines and curves of the airframe, we work with you to develop your scheme. Whether you want a twist on the classic three stripes, a vintage military look, or a cutting-edge racing scheme, we can make it happen.


We will ask you a number of questions about your aircraft, its purpose, and your tastes to get a feel of what you want for your aircraft. We will develop several initial designs to work from, and we will interface with you to refine the elements that you like or don’t like into a single design. The process goes on until you are completely satisfied and we can provide as many design directions as you want up until it’s time to paint!